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CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Gondia/ National Flying Training Institute (NFTI)

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CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Gondia is India's most modern flight school campus offering a first-class training environment focused on fully preparing you to become a professional airline pilot.
In Gondia we offer a comprehensive 19-month Commercial Pilots License (CPL) program which meets International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) syllabus standards. Upon successful completion of the program, cadet pilots will have obtained a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with an Instrument Rating (IR) and a Multi-Engine Rating (ME).
Our training resources include a modern training fleet including Diamond DA 40 and DA 42 aircraft, advanced flight simulation training devices, well-equipped classrooms, extensive online training materials, and a highly experienced and dedicated instructional staff and academy management team. All residential accommodations, classrooms, cafeteria and administration facilities are newly-built and modern, and we are expanding and improving our campus continuously.
By combining innovative methodologies and state-of-the-art training equipment, CAE-OAA has created one of the most advanced training environments - a learning environment that is practical and focuses on the operational aspects of flying an aircraft by embedding more hands on training within the curriculum through the use of the latest simulation-based technology and by spending more time actually flying an aircraft.


If you are interested in applying for our professional pilot program in Gondia, you must meet the following minimum requirements:
  • Aged between 17 and 32 years old
  • Be at least 5 feet 2 inches tall
  • Have completed 10 + 2 with Physics, Maths and English (or await 10 + 2/NIOS* results);
  • Produce a valid DGCA**-issued Class 1 medical certificate with no limitations (prior to starting course)
  • Have a Unique-I.D. registration number (U-I.D.) at the time of admission.
If you underwent secondary school education outside of India, please procure an equivalency certificate from AIU for your physics and maths qualifications.


We know you want to become one of the best professional pilots and that you expect excellent training. We also know that you want to train with like-minded people creating a beneficial and conducive learning environment. 
To ensure that you and other aspiring cadets have the basic skills and knowledge needed to succeed in our program, CAE Oxford Aviation Academy uses a selection process called CAE Aircrew Selection System (CASS). This selection process takes up to one working day to complete and includes:
  • English test
  • Online personality and values questionnaires
  • Structured personal interview
  • Physical assessment test (basic flying on a flight simulation training device)
  • Detailed de-brief with our examiners
  • Class 2 medical
  • Class 1 form for submission
  • Class 1 medical
The fee for the CASS test is INR 5,000. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Gondia has 3 CASS testing centers where you can make an appointment to do your test. There is a testing center at the Gondia campus as well as at the following 2 locations:

RGNFI offers a 19-month program. All courses meet ICAO standards and upon completion will provide the student with all appropriate ratings from ab-initio to Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with Instrument Rating (IR) and Multi-Engine Rating (ME).

RGNFI is a brand new facility built on a secure, gated campus with the capacity to accommodate over 100 students. The campus includes:

A boy’s hostel and a separate girl’s hostel. Both hostels will be under supervision at all times and include internet access.
A brand new sports complex that will have numerous courts for squash, tennis and badminton matches as well as nautilus and weight equipment for physical training.
A full service canteen and dining area. The canteen block is situated in close proximity to the hostels and classrooms.
The 19-month training program is Rs. 
INR 32.50000/- + Service Tax.  The cost for this program includes course materials, text books and uniforms.
Upon successful completion of the training program, students will be eligible to apply for pilot jobs within airline companies worldwide. Furthermore, thanks to CAE’s growing Pilot Provisioning program and strong ties with major airlines around the world, students will get direct exposure to hiring personnel within these major airlines - including airlines both in India and abroad. If a student’s interview with an airline is successful, the student will receive a letter of intent from the airline prior to beginning their type rating training.
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